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The public environmental awareness of various countries in the world increases gradually, and more focus is paid on the environmental problem. The wave of “green consumption” urges all the enterprises to attach great consideration on the environment principle in people’s consumption idea when they select the direction of product development.

ISO14001 Environmental Policy

ISO9001 Quality Management Policy

ISO14001 Environmental Policy

Environmental management system shall be enhanced as environmental consciousness is increased gradually.

  • Chin Teck Lee adheres to the environmental quality management.
  • Best efforts to protect the environment during all the enterprise activities.
  • Apart from implementation of environmental management system, we will strive to protect the environment.
  • Pay much attention on the products, activities and services that can or may include some potential environmental factors influencing the environment.
  • Make great efforts to achieve the standard of environmental policy and conduct educational training to staff, as increasing environmental consciousness and urging every staff to improve environment is our consistent goal.
  • Allow all the staff to know promptly the environmental policy of the factory through message platform of the company.
Corporate principle and value
Basic principle

ISO9001 Quality Management Policy.

Chin Teck Lee SDN. BHD. complies with the standard laws and regulations and clients’ requirements to guarantee the effective operation of quality management system. Meanwhile, it persists in offering the best service and satisfaction to the clients with continuous improvement and efforts.

  • Accept the challenge of new technology and promote the quality and management of products, as the persistence in quality comes from your support to Chin Teck Lee.
  • The promotion of quality shall extend from inside to the outside of management spot, and all the departments shall make continuous improvement and progress.
  • Allow all the staff to know promptly the quality control policy of the factory and company through all the message platforms.

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